Bees provide nature's remedy for allergy symptoms

5 of Nature’s Best Allergy Remedies – For Prevention, Too!

Every Spring, Mother Nature launches clouds of pollen that stir up misery ranging from sneezes to red eyes and swollen faces. Then, she provides the gift that calms, soothes, and relieves it all.

Start now, and lower the chance of spring allergies morphing into infection. Stop symptoms before they start.

Here are some of the plants in her green bag of tricks, to relieve your springtime woes.

*Nettle leaf tea – stinging nettle leaf provides gentle relief for mild, allergy-related symptoms – itchy, watery eyes, sniffly nose, headache pressure, even ear itching. Let a teabag steep for 5-10 minutes, and drink 2-3 cups daily, a few days before symptoms tend to begin. Nettle leaf is also loaded with essential minerals that nourish your tired adrenals. That means your immune system will love it, too. Just a simple weed, with powerful, rejuvenating properties.

*Eyebright tea or tincture – Eyes tearing up and watering? Itchy ears or tired eyes? Eyebright tea. For a soothing compress, soak a wet cloth in your tea, and apply the cloth directly to your tired eyes. One application can be enough to relieve the irritation. This works with an ordinary green tea bag, too!

*Bi Min Gan Wan – if your allergies have a tendency to become sinus infections, this Chinese herbal ‘teapill’ is for you. At the first hint of sinus pressure, congestion, or pain, take the recommended dose. Wake up congested every morning? Bi Min Gan Wan clears up your clogged head without drying, like anti-histamines can.

*Local Honey – Local honey is incredibly good at ‘inoculating’ your immune system in small doses over a long time, giving you a fighting chance with local pollens. A once-daily teaspoon of local honey won’t completely clear up this season’s symptoms, but if you stick to it, by this time next spring or fall, you could be tip-toeing through the tulips with a clear nose.

*Is Ragweed Your Trigger? – You might be surprised that ragweed allergies tend to respond well to an herbal remedy containing – get this – ragweed the plant. Tincturing the leaves before the plant blooms creates the ‘like cures like’ homeopathic effect for ragweed allergy relief. It even reduces symptoms from all sorts of other offending pollens. Here’s a great blog about this phenomenon, from my teacher, Lesley Tierra.

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