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Putting Out the Fire

The Summer dry heat that parched your yellow lawn and left your flowers wilting may have had a similar effect on your body. When moisture is lacking in your environment, it’s also drying your skin, eyes, the mucus membranes along your respiratory tract, and other areas that are open directly or indirectly to the air.

Putting out the fire on summer heat and dryness naturally

Help your body quell the summer heat

A windy, dry Fall can complicate all that and more. Dryness isn’t just irritating; it makes your body’s surfaces more vulnerable to allergens, unfriendly bacteria and viruses. The mucus in your body and moisture in your skin is there for a reason. It lubricates surfaces and provides a protective barrier for your immune system.

How do you re-hydrate your Lungs, skin and whole body and avoid the hazard of a windy, dry Fall?  DRINK MORE WATER.

It’s almost too obvious, but keep a bottle handy throughout the day and get in the habit of staying hydrated. You’ll be surprised how much this can help your vitality.

  • SLIPPERY ELM LOZENGES are delicious and do a great job of lubricating a ticklish throat and irritated respiratory tract. Cherokee herbalist David Winston says that slippery elm lozenges can even stimulate the lungs to produce more healthy mucus.
  • Herbalist Amanda McQuade Crawford, in her book “Herbal Remedies for Women”, suggests MARSHMALLOW ROOT  (not the puffy, sugary confection in your cupboard] as a wonderful demulcent (aka gooey herb) for a dry cough.
  • THROAT COAT tea from Traditional Medicinals is one of my favorite soothers for a scratchy throat. If your cough hangs on for more than a couple weeks, consider a visit to your physician or herbalist.
  • EAT MORE SWEET POTATOES! These delicious super tubers have a nourishing, moistening effect on the lungs.
  • Other cool tips for Fall? Sit in a steamy sauna a couple times a week….apply sesame oil inside the opening of your dry, itchy nose….dig out your pretty scarves and get your neck wrapped nice ‘n snug before heading out to the hayrack ride.

Be Well!



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