Bee propolis has immune-fighting properties for scratchy sore throats.

Scratchy, Sore Throat? Insect Medicine to the Rescue!

Does the start of a scratchy, sore throat signal a week long misery-fest for you? Time for some bee propolis!

Propolis is the sticky goo that bees use to seal up holes in their hives. Lucky for you, propolis has another quality that makes it excellent for immune challenges in humans.

Flavonoids in bee products like propolis and honey stimulate the immune system to spring into action, and smother and suffocate unwanted pathogens.

When a foreign bacteria or virus enters your body, your defense system produces an army of white blood cells, which do their valuable immune-protective work in the lymph nodes. The neutralized invaders are flushed out promptly and continuously 24/7 when you’re healthy.

When you’re fatigued from emotional and physical stress, your immune system becomes a little sluggish. What starts as a typical day becomes a scratchy, sore throat, followed by a lousy week of cough, fever, and fatigue.

Protecting yourself at the start with a throat spray containing bee propolis is your first line of defense. When you use an herbal throat spray, you get instant relief from the pain and a sizzle that signals anti-microbial action.

During cold season, have a propolis-containing spray on hand, or even better, enjoy a teaspoon of pure honey every day, which contains all the germ-fighting power of propolis and tastes sweet and smooth on a scratchy throat.

Honey has been used in healing systems around the world for centuries. Its special healing properties are being rediscovered as anti-biotic resistant strains of bacteria become more common. Find a local honey supplier and stock your cupboard with plenty of that golden goo every fall and winter.

Honey products should not be given to children under 2 years of age or to those sensitive to bee products.