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Women Are Naturals When It Comes To Healing

Women Are Naturals When It Comes To Healing

For centuries, women have been the family healers, applying herbs to aches and pains with only the knowledge passed down from mothers and grandmothers. Present at childbirths, attending to aging or ailing parents, or bandaging a child’s boo-boo, women have done the day-to-day work of keeping family, community, and each other well for thousands of years.

Along the way, we’ve gained valuable insight into how plants and trees growing around us were suited to heal the sick and injured. A deep-rooted understanding of local plants and instinctive knowledge of their healing properties were our only guides.

When grandmother brewed a cup of chamomile tea for a sleepless child, she knew it would also relax and calm an upset tummy — not because she studied its chemistry in a lab. She knew through generations of experience and the wisdom of women who came before her.

This tradition of women healers is alive and well in herbalism today. Knowledge is still handed down from woman to woman in some families and communities, and more formally in schools of herbalism.

Hormone imbalances, sleep disturbances, digestive discomforts, mood changes, breast health concerns…these are all issues that concern today’s women. Herbalism has a high success rate addressing these problems. Safely. Naturally. Effectively.

While herbalism has an impressive history of effectiveness for female health concerns, it’s still unfamiliar to many of today’s women. The native wisdom of our traditional healers has faded and been replaced by retail products and websites that lack the personal connection, professional training, and trust we deserve.

Women get the best results from herbalism under the guidance of a trusted, experienced professional.

Consider visiting a trained herbalist with a woman’s touch, where you’ll be supported and inspired to write a new story for yourself!



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  1. Mo I love the new blogs/web sites! You are simply the best at what you do! 🙂 I need to come in and see you soon. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

  2. Thank you for the reminder that we are natural healer.I have found that as we age we get better at it since we usually have also acquired more patience. My grandaughter,, who is 5 got her fingers slammed in the car door last night. Her mother was conforting her as she tried to put ice on her little fingers. She would not stop crying and it was getting worse not better. I asked gently if she would like to sit on my lap and she scooted and cuddled. I started singing soflty to her and she soon quieted down and let us ice her fingers.

    Oddly, I have found that as I got better at taking care of others but I am still not that good at taking care of myself physically. I do a great job at taking care of myself emotionally. I have learned to set good boundaries and ask for what I need. But the ins and outs of going to the doctor, dentist, mechanic, even my beloved herbalist seems harder. Time being the biggest issue.

    I have set a goal to do one self care thing a month. We will see how that goes.

    Thank you for all you do!!!!!!

  3. I just love your new site. There’s always something new to read.I have learned alot already and always something new to learn from you each time I come to your page.Thank you for everything you do!

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